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Kymiran provides customized software solutions and comprehensive consulting services to meet your ever-changing small business needs.

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Customize IT Solutions - Kymiran is a customer centric company that specializes in meeting the needs of small to medium sized businesses by delivering high quality, easy to maintain and customize IT solutions.

Grow Your Business - Kymiran's goal is your goal; to make your business more successful. Kymiran builds scalability and flexibility into your solution from the beginning. This means your website reflects and drives your growing business. Kymiran's unique modular development system delivers a customized Web 2.0 product with the flexibility, scalability and ease of use that you need, without requiring an in-house IT department.

Affordable Price - Kymiran delivers all of this at an affordable price that yields a significant ROI. Kymiran provides many of the same features that large companies use - at a fraction of the cost. The competition is tough and to develop a "small business on a big scale" you need every advantage. Your goal is our goal - smart investment in good tools that level the playing field and yield a real return on your investment.

Web Presence - Kymiran's system helps your business establish and maintain a customer friendly, interactive web presence with all the features of Web 2.0. It's a fact that the static "online brochure" is dead. Customers want to be involved and the business that recognizes and nurtures its customer community will survive and grow.

One-Stop Shopping - Sure, all of the bits and pieces are out there and you could cobble them together yourself but is that what you should be spending your time on? It's like trying to build a car from scratch. All of the necessary parts are available but is doing it yourself the best way to accomplish your real goal of getting from here to there? Kymiran puts it all together and gives you a "one-stop shopping" service - a finished, customized car. All you do is hop in, turn the key and you're on your way.

We look forward to working with you to help you achieve your goals. To set up a free consultation contact us at or call 412-779-0379.

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